Who is nicolas cage dating

I married into another culture, and it's interesting because in Korea they call me the Son-in-Law.'He revealed the couple's wedding was pushed forward so that Alice could travel with him to South Africa while he was making Lord Of War, explaining: 'You can connect the dots...

and we did it because we loved each other.' The Con Air actor was previously married to Lisa Marie Presley for almost four months in 2002 and to Patricia Arquette from 1995 to 2001.

Nicolas, who is believed to be single, split with his third wife, Alice Kim, in January 2016 after 11 of years of marriage.

At one point, he was photographed with his hand on his chest as he looked intently at the woman.

However, much to Nicolas' dismay, the conversation came to an end when the woman's husband arrived at the sushi restaurant and sat down between her and the actor.

The National Treasure star was photographed reaching over and shaking the unknown's woman hand, and she looked surprised to be chatting with the A-lister.

Nicolas, who was wearing a plaid button-up shirt and a contrasting plaid blazer, appeared to be flirting with the diner, who was sitting a few seats away from him.

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