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One way or another these images have either been bought or copied from online sources such as Google.They then build hundreds and possibly thousands of phony profiles with the images and all fake personal data.When claiming that a website is a scam it's always good to back your claims with as much evidence as possible.There is no greater incriminating evidence that when the site itself has documentation stating that they are responsible for the posting of fake profiles as well as sending fake emails to members.This scam is used on countless dating sites that we have exposed and this website is no different.Within minutes of registering on the site we started to receive email messages.

These images are not photos of actual members of the site.The emails are not real and no one is actually emailing you.Most of the time if you try to read the emails your get directed to the upgrade page and every time you try to reply to any of these phony email messages you are sent to the upgrade page.That we can achieve and do whatever it is that we want. Many of us are hit with a sense of wanderlust at some point in our lives.We want to experience things out of the ordinary, break free from our limited understanding of the world around us and immerse ourselves in different cultures ....

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